Concert 17th May 2008

Proceeds from the sales of tickets and raffle were donated to the Mental Health Foundation. Proceeds from the bring and buy stall were donated to a Ugandan Orphanage for children of AIDS victims.

Concerto Grosso VI, Op. 6 No. 6 G.F. Handel
  1. Largo Affettuoso
  2. A Tempo Giusto
  3. Musette
  4. Allegro
  5. Allegro
Andante Cantabile from Quartet Op. 11 Tchaikovsky
Two Minuets (from Serenade Op. 11) Brahms (arr. Woodhouse)
  1. Minuet I
  2. Minuet II
A Downland Suite John Ireland (arr. Ireland and Bush)
  1. I Prelude
  2. II Elegy
  3. III Minuet
  4. IV Rondo